powered by WSO2 Mashup Server

In the first quarter of 2007, I was an intern at WSO2 Inc. which is a major provider of Open Source Web Services Platforms and Support. At that time Jonathan Marsh who was an employee of Microsoft join WSO2 and start WSO2 Mashup Server project which provides a platform for creating, deploying and consuming Web Services mashups in a simple manner using JavaScript. I got a chance to work with Mashup team at that time and I am happy to see that this project has become very successful and you can download version 1.0 from the web site. Now WSO2 brings beta version of their which provides a scalable host environment for running JavaScript mashups.
At the time of writing this post I just created a account in and I am very facinated by the look and feel of the . Here are some screenshots of free to try it and help to develop next generation open source mashup platform.